Mission, Vision, Values, & Ethical Stance

Our Mission

We at, WSDI PARTNERS LLC, are dedicated professionals committed to providing quality mental health and substance abuse services.  We envision children grow up in thriving households and neighborhoods where families can build on their strengths.   Our mission is to bring comprehensive and culturally competent services to communities to help children, adolescent, young adults and families thrive and realize their full potential.  It is our overall goal to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families.  Our belief is that all people are valuable and unique and should be treated with dignity and respect.  While recognizing the potential for change, and assessment of the client’s emotional, physical, spiritual, and life experience is provided in a caring environment.  The growth of the individual is promoted through a course of treatment developed and executed in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Our Vision

To be the trusted partner providing effective and innovative services to support people’ lives, families and communities. 

Our Values

Our core values are to respect people and their individuality and provide quality services in culturally competent approach. 

Ethical Stance


We, at WSDI PARTNERS LLC, dedicate ourselves to serving the best interest of each client.  


We, at WSDI PARTNERS LLC, will not discriminate between clients or professionals based on age, race, creed, disabilities, handicaps, preferences, or other personal concerns.  


We, at WSDI PARTNERS LLC, maintain an objective and professional relationship with each client.  


We, at WSDI PARTNERS LLC, respect the rights and view of other mental health professionals. 


We, at WSDI PARTNERS LLC, will appropriately end services or refer clients to other programs with appropriate.  


We, at WSDI PARTNERS LLC, will evaluate out personal limitations, strengths, biases, and effectiveness on an ongoing basis for the purpose of self-improvement.  We will continually attain further education and training.  


We at, WSDI PARTNERS LLC, respect various institutional and managerial policies but will help improve such policies if the best interest of the client is served.  


If you believe any of your rights have been violated, please ask to speak our Recipient Rights Advisor or Clinical Director.